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HârnLore 7
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Cartophile No. 4 $3.50
Publisher: SkeletonKey Games
by Chris H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/30/2008 00:10:51

As always, Ed Bourelle delivers beautiful miniatures-scale tiles in this new Cartophile. Be sure to look at the product preview; what you see there is what you get. This set includes a total of eight tiles, from which you can assemble a small stepped pyramid in two or three different configurations. The basic configuration creates a pyramid 12 in. by 14 in. at the bottom, rising to a flat top that measures 4 in. by 6 in. and that has a pit (or shaft entrance) in the top. By making two copies of one of the tiles and swapping in of the three alternate tiles provided, you can easily build a 16 in. by 14 in. pyramid with an 8 in. by 6 in. flat top. If you want, you can extend the pyramid almost indefinitely in one direction (by using multiple copies of certain tiles), but the tiles don't really support going out along the other axis, so you'll get a skinny rectangular pyramid instead of a squarish one. Of course, the Cartophile series isn't meant to be modular like the e-Adventure Tiles series, but I would really have loved it if Ed had included an "edge" tile where the steps stopped two squares from the edge of the tile instead of one, and a flat top tile that could be set in various orientations in the middle of a larger pyramid (ideas for bonus tiles or tiles in the next Annual, maybe, Ed? hint, hint). As it is, Cartophile No. 4 is well worth the price, and would add some great flavor to any adventure sent in a Mesoamerican type of environment. By the way, since every tile has grass along its edge, you could build a larger scene around the pyramid by using the e-Adventure Tiles Deciduous Wilderness set or some of the other grassy sets.

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Cartophile No. 4
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