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e-Adventure Tiles: Coliseum $7.99
Publisher: SkeletonKey Games
by Michael T. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 05/05/2011 05:50:49

I bought these tiles for a scenario in my Arcanis campaign. It featured an arena battle with byakhee and a cult. What's interesting is that most game masters probably won't need a set of this size. You have everything you need to construct an arena with e-Adventure Tiles: Annual 1. This set provides much more detail for an arena, including above-ground and below-ground versions. Features include animal pens, gladiator training rooms, and the most important part of all – a royal box for viewing (and for you Spartcaus fans, throwing spears at the Emperor).

This set also contains a variety of miscellaneous features, including a jousting partition, a battlefield lift, and a variety of columns. But mostly the set is about the border of the arena, not the center of it, and covers seating and what lurks beneath the seats for both surface and dungeon versions.

This is a useful set, but its practical application should be considered. Most characters will be battling as gladiators in an arena, in which case the above ground features are only of value if there's plans for escape. Conversely, game masters planning an attack on an arena or an escape from it will find this set particularly valuable.

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