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e-Adventure Tiles Weekly No. 1 $3.49 $2.62
Publisher: SkeletonKey Games
by Christopher H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/10/2009 02:53:57

e-Adventure Tiles Weekly 1 features quasi-modular tiles for four encounter areas: a dungeon prison, an alchemy shop, a vermin nest, and a desert shrine.

THE GOOD: Everything about this product shines. The artwork is crisp, vivid, and flavorful. This installment definitely keeps up the SkeletonKey tradition of high visual quality. Moreover, each encounter area suggests interesting story ideas.

THE BAD: The alchemist's home, attached to his shop, needs a privy. I mean, really. He's an alchemist. He could even have a waterless toilet.

THE UGLY: In a SkeletonKey Games product? Are you kidding?

BUYING ADVICE: Pair Weekly No. 1 with Dungeon Details Vol. 3, which includes a torture chamber (perfect companion to the prison in Weekly No. 1) and a forgotten lab (which could be secreted under the not-so-benign-after-all alchemist's shop).

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e-Adventure Tiles Weekly No. 1
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